Operation services

Let us take care of your system

SPN Services AS offers a complete solution for the collection industry

Predator CMS is offered as a service over the internet (Software as a Service).

  • You can say goodbye to servers, licenses and installations
  • You pay per user in a system you will never grow out of
  • SPN Services will handle all of the operation as well as updates to the latest version of the Predator CMS collection program
  • SPN Services will help you abide by the rules and regulations regarding operation and documentation
  • Your operating costs will be substantially lowered compared with operating the system locally. You will also have other advantages such as file import/reports/etc.

SPN Services offers secure access to the system in a safe and virus-free environment. This solution offers a lot of flexibility for debt collection agencies that would rather focus on their core business rather than running their own IT-solutions.


Advantages for the agency

  • Small or no investment in hardware and software
  • Predictable costs with payment per user
  • Focusing on the debt collection
  • Always updated systems

Advantages for the case-handler

  • Advantages for the case-handler
  • Stable and predictable solution
  • Full access to all applications
  • Effective support

Advantages for the head of IT

  • Good backup routines
  • Advantages for the head of IT
  • Newest version of software without the need to upgrade
  • Available IT expertise
  • Systems and data safe from virus