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How to increase efficiency and improve results?

Predator CMS offers more functionality than any other system on the market. The system is flexible and functional enough to cater to the needs of debt collection companies of all sizes.

The Predator CMS debt collection and accounts receivable (AR) program can be extended with functionality adapted to your needs. We offer a large selection of modules with very good solutions for integration and other tasks to make your everyday tasks simpler.

Our modules

Accounts Receivable

Account Receivable is a separate section of Predator for businesses that want to offer their clients invoice service, ledger and full outsourcing of the ledger.
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Auto Anonymizer

The Auto Anonymizer module module enables automatic anonymization of personal data in accordance with the requirements of GDPR.
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CallCenter makes the job easy and very efficient, by using a callrobott
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e-mail archiving

With module e-mail archiving you can easily save your mail from Microssoft Outlook in Predator archive.
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Gives you easy access to debt recovery cases on a mobile platform.
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Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is the most efficient case handler you can imagine.
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If you wish to use printing solutions that you don’t have in-house, the Remoteprint module might be the answer.
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Report generator that allows you to create simple lists without advanced knowledge of databases or Programming.
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Rex Supro

Is Kronefogdens system for summary proceedings. Only in Swedish
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Predator SMSLink allows you to send SMS via Predator. You can i.e. send reminders and payment details with KID by SMS to the debtor.
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