PredatorCMS – one system – several businesses

Predator CMS basic system

We offer more extensive functionality than any other system on the market.

The Predator CMS debt collection software is flexible and functional software that meets the needs of debt collection agencies of all sizes, with all different sorts of invoice management. We have split our software into these main categories:

Predator CMS automates the entire follow-up process from order, invoice, reminder, collection and right to payment. A number of special modules are available for further automation and efficiency improvement.

Predator was installed for the first time as early as 1997 and today the system is used by businesses in many countries in Europe.


Why choose Predator CMS?

  •        Helps control your debt collection cases    
  •        Gives the opportunity for valuable income and a larger market share
  •        The solution with the most functionality for debt collection and credit management
  •        Developed in cooperation with our customers
  •        Modern and user friendly
  •        Modulized and customized
  •        Good support  
  •        Can be adapted to any market in Norway and abroad