SPN has a wide range of customers

On this page you will find an overview of some selected customers who are using Predator CMS, as well as references and statements about both product and custom modules. Please contact us for more references.


We represent a satisfied customer of SPN and find that our cooperation over the years has been very positive – even on matters where we do not initially agree.

When choosing SPN, it was important that the system can support and simplify daily handling of claims. In these terms, we find that Predator works very well, and is an invaluable tool in our daily business. The basic structure with workflows connected to document templates, is well thought through and functional. In cooperation with SPN, we have developed further routines to automate the case handling, e.g., in the registration of payments and direct debits (autogiro). In these projects, and in general communication with SPN’s consultants, our cooperation has been very good.

We have occasionally experienced issues after upgrades. Even if these “defects” can lead to some frustration, SPN has been quick to handle our reports, and mostly also to offer a solution or a fix. As we are only collecting our own claims, we do not have any experience with the client side of the product relevant to Debt Collection Agencie., We are in a sense our own client. Thus, we also do not get any feedback from customers and nor from the debtor collective (Gäldenärskollektivet). On the other hand, one might say that the debtors are “happy” as long as the debt collection process is handled correctly, which it is.

All in all – we are very satisfied with the product and our collaboration with SPN, and hope for future development in the same good spirit.


Brottsoffermyndigheten/Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority