Customer service

We continuously focus on optimizing our work processes to improve quality of support and product development.

Customers can choose what Service Level Agreement (SLA) they want. The support department handles error messages, operation problems and user questions

Online support

When a case is registered, the customer will automatically receive a confirmation and a case number which enables the customers to follow their cases from the customer center website.

The best follow-up with the best statistics and control comes from using the SPN HelpDesk. In the helpdesk the cases are visible to all case-handlers, which means that cases are resolved quicker and better. We recommend that everyone use this.


Technical support

We offer technical support where you need it:

  • Consulting  on the choice of platform
  • Support in tracking down errors in Predator CMS and modules in a production environment
  • Support in installing and upgrading Predator CMS and modules
  • IT technical resource for customers

SPN remote

We offer support to our customers online. By connecting to ”SPN Remote”, we can remotely control your computer.

SPN Remote - click here to connect to SPN Remote